tony s. walker

Tony, wrongfully incarcerated for over 26 years, needs your support. Join our cause and help us bring him home. Every voice counts in the battle for justice. #FreeTonyWalker

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Tony no background

What's good, family? Tony's family is the creator behind this website. Our aim is simple: to share Tony's story, showcasing his growth and change as he seeks parole. We've seen Tony's journey from the inside, filled with education, introspection, and redemption.

Understand, Tony isn't just an inmate; he's our son, nephew, and cousin. He's a man with a past, a present, and, God willing, a future outside those prison walls. We aim to show y'all the man behind the inmate number: his strength, regret, and commitment to improving.

This website, it's our way of inviting you all into our struggle, our dreams, and our fight for justice. We aren't asking you to forget the past but to recognize the potential for change. Through Tony's story, we hope to shed light on his case and the bigger picture of justice for all.

We appreciate your time, your open-mindedness, and your willingness to understand. This journey won't be a walk in the park, but it's a road we're committed to for Tony and all those like him.

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